Special Interest Group on Workplace Learning

Many organisations are aware of the need to identify and implement the ‘right solutions’ to leverage workplace learning.  With the increased focus on informal learning (learning that is not bound by classes and courses) as a sub-set of workplace learning, there is now evidence to suggest that these approaches provide excellent opportunities to meet the challenges of rapidly changing business needs, tightening training budgets, and closer linkage to individual, team and organisational performance than many traditional formal learning & development approaches.

The EFMD Workplace Learning Special Interest Group (SIG) initiative has been launched in 2009-2010 in response to these identified needs and as part of the EFMD’s new ‘Excellence in Corporate Learning’ strategy. This SIG brought together a small number of organisations to work on key issues in workplace learning and to develop solutions that participants can implement in their own context.

Organisations that participated in the Workplace learning SIG were drawn from across the range of business sectors – Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrial Goods, Consumer Goods, and Services. 
They included: Allianz, The BBC, Coca-Cola, Eli Lilly, Ergo, L’Oréal, GSK, Holcim, Toyota, MAN, MLP, Novo Nordisk
The facilitator for the group was the former CLO of Thomson Reuters, Charles Jennings.

One of the key success factors for the initiative was that participants worked in an open and collaborative manner. All were willing to share their successes and failures and learn from each other. Open sharing provided a rich environment for sharing and learning.

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The outcomes of this Workplace Learning SIG were also shared within the wider network through the Future Series Webinars (series of 5 webinars in 2011). 

All webinars recordings are now available:


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