The Sustainable Business

The Sustainable Business.  An award-winning introduction to the circular economy!

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EFMD works with the Center for Industrial Productivity and Sustainability ( and the Product-Life Institute, Europe’s oldest sustainability-based think tank and consultancy (, to provide business communities with proven, training-based books, manuals, and videos to help managers engineer a more sustainable future for their companies.

A key component of our education portfolio is The Sustainable Business, an award-winning introduction to sustainability that is distributed as a free download (in numerous languages) for the purpose of facilitating:

  • genuine long-term wealth and financial well-being,
  • job creation and security,
  • the elimination of waste and pollutants,
  • reductions in resource consumption,
  • the mitigation of environmental damage and its costs, and,
  • greater research opportunities for business academia.
The next industrial revolution has begun!  Don't be left behind!  The Sustainable Business is read in classrooms and businesses across North America, Europe, the Middle East and China.  For many, it is their first introduction to sustainability and circular economics - and the reason they are interested in these subjects.