Types of Membership

FULL Membership
Full Membership is for companies, business schools, public sector organisations, executive development centres, chambers of commerce, employers' associations, training consultancies and other organisations actively involved in management development. It is aimed at organisations based in Europe and worldwide. Full members benefit from all EFMD services and have voting rights in the EFMD Annual General Assembly. Full Membership is the de facto membership for European institutions.
Affiliated Membership is aimed at organisations located outside of Europe. Affiliated members do not have voting rights in the EFMD Annual General Assembly.
ASSOCIATE Membership
Associate Membership is for newly formed business schools, executive development centres and companies which have not been in existence for a sufficient period to demonstrate the viability and quality of their activities and programmes. Associate members are accepted for a maximum period of three years, after which they will be reviewed again by the Membership Review Committee (for academic institutions) or the Director General (for corporations) and considered for full membership.